In Praise of Rum

Rum is a chameleon-like spirit; light or dark, silly or considerable, pure and “enhanced.” It is also an amazingly versatile spirit, mixing well and often with nearly every soft drink and juice and is likely responsible for a wildly disproportionate number of blender blade rotations and burn-outs, not to mention those lovely little cocktail umbrellas. The history of rum begins with its source ingredient,... read more

Navigating the Corkage Fee Conundrum

The subject of corkage fees in restaurants has been a topic of great debate, for both restaurateurs and patrons alike, for many, many years. In fact the circumstance of navigating the corkage topic has been the source of some of my most uncomfortable moments – from both sides of the negotiating table. In truth, I rarely bring wine to a restaurant other than those... read more

The Joys of Tequila

Surprisingly there is still a huge Tequila divide. For people in the business of alcohol beverages Tequila is a beautiful and sometimes magical nectar. For many drinking enthusiasts the mere mention of the word will send shivers down their spines. This has not slowed the sales and appreciation of Tequila in any way as Tequila is a category on the rise. In fact, Tequila... read more

Basil Pesto – Homemade

One of the great gifts of summer is basil pesto. Sure you can have it all year long, especially if you live in a perpetually warm climate, but for me it’s a summer thing. We grow enough basil in the garden to feed the pesto demands and in this way we can have pesto anytime, which is to say I eat on a daily... read more

National Piña Colada Day

July 10 is National Piña Colada Day – again, who comes up with these? Most drinkers, especially anyone who has vacationed on a Caribbean beach or taken a cruise has had the chance to drink a Piña Colada. There are certainly good and bad Piña Coladas (mostly bad I must say) but there is just one original. Like all things of a drink and... read more

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