Clarity on Vodka

There is a lot of chatter lately about the decline of Vodka and rightfully so. However, it’s still the king among spirits in the USA making up about a quarter of all spirits sales. The worry is in the fact that five years ago Vodka accounted for one in three bottles of spirits sold in the nation. It can be reasonably argued that Vodka... read more

The 143rd Kentucky Derby

Saturday, May 6,  America and the world will be glued to their TV sets to watch the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby was first run in 1875 and was witnessed by roughly 10,000 people. The first race was run on a 1 1/2 mile course that was quickly changed to 1 1/4 miles the next year in 1876 and remains... read more

Glorious Rosé

Walk by any sidewalk cafe in Manhattan, Houston, San Francisco, Atlanta, or Milwaukee and count the glasses of pink wine on the tables. My friends, we are in the midst of a Rosé invasion and all that I can suggest is to surrender. Being in and around the beverage biz for three decades (but who’s counting…) I’ve seen my share of trends and fads... read more

Pasta Amatriciana

At BevX I like to offer up favorite recipes to our hungry and thirsty readers. I refrain from overloading the content with food recipes but the numbers don’t lie — our readers really eat up the recipes and simply tolerate the bad puns. Today, before revealing the recipe I must make a confession. I do withhold a number of favorite recipes for fear that... read more

Spring Cocktails 2017

What to drink? By the time spring rolls around I’m tired of thinking about drinks in terms of – what will warm the bones and take the chill out of the air? I’m a seasonal drinker (and eater) and I don’t think that I’m alone. Restaurants change their menus from season to season for just this very reason. We crave different things in winter... read more

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